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Reggae Vintage Vinyl Records and LPs

Discover our Selection of Vintage Reggae Vinyl Records and LPs

Born in the late 1960s, Reggae music refers to a style of Jamaican music that comes with a very specific sound. Influenced by American jazz and blues, reggae evolved with the introduction of ska and rocksteady music to become the easily recognizable style and sound we’ve come to know today.

Reggae can be heard through its well-known 4 beat rhythms and use of bass guitars, drums, electric guitars, and scrappers. Of course, it wouldn’t be reggae without mentioning the prominent legends of reggae. From Bob Marley to Desmond Dekker and Burning Spear, each contributed to the birth and evolution of reggae music.

At Play De Record, our selection of reggae music includes vintage vinyl records and LPs that are exclusive, challenging to source and acquire, and classic. Shop our selection today and relive the reggae era of music.


How do I know what condition my vintage vinyl record is in?

Each of our vintage vinyl records comes with a grading for both the cover and disk. The following abbreviations are used to signify the condition.

M: Mint - The vinyl has never been played and remains sealed in the plastic cover.
NM: Near Mint - The vinyl has been played but displays no visible marks.
E: Excellent - Similar to the near-mint vinyl, but it may have very slight signs of use.
VG: Very Good - This vinyl has been played and shows signs of use, but it still has a lot of life in it! You may hear slight pops and clicks.
G: Good - Good condition is not ideal. A record in this condition will likely come at a bargain.
P/F: Poor or Fair - A vinyl in this condition has deep scratches. At Play De Record, we wouldn’t sell a record in this condition.

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