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DJ Midi Controllers

Shop our selection of MIDI controllers.

Discover our collection of MIDI controllers, essential for the modern DJ. MIDI controllers are an essential piece of equipment for a DJ or music producer. With the right MIDI controller, you can have better control and manipulate a wide range of software and hardware instruments, synthesizers, and sound modules. MIDI controllers provide access to a variety of controls such as faders, knobs, and buttons to help you create the perfect sound. We offer an extensive range of MIDI controllers that are suitable for both professionals and beginners. With a range of sizes, styles, and features, you're sure to find the perfect MIDI controller for your needs.

Shop our Selection of MIDI Controllers

At Play de Record, our collection includes modern MIDI turntables and controllers, which are essential to any DJ or music producer. With the right MIDI, you’ll be able to work with software and sound to produce a wide range of sounds.

MIDI boards allow DJs and music producers to have a hands-on tactile experience, affording them more control over their style and sound. It also allows you to put on a show and perform your best. Because, we know that clicking a mouse is not as engaging as flipping switches, twisting knobs, and fading sounds on your MIDI board.

Our selection at Play de Record includes MIDI boards for beginners and pros. Our MIDI turntables come in a range of sizes, styles, and features, so you’re sure to find the perfect MIDI controller for you!


How do MIDI controllers work with my computer?

DJ controller MIDI boards are universal, meaning they work with all kinds of software and instruments. They work by communicating with your instrument and computer, think of them as the language your computer understands! MIDI controllers don’t produce sound, but they do control it. They work by triggering sound from their external interface to control sound, pitch, and speed.

Is a MIDI controller necessary for DJing?

You don’t need a MIDI controller. It is possible to DJ by using your computer mouse, however, your DJing experience will be vastly improved by using a MIDI controller. With a greater degree of control, you’ll be able to produce a more diverse range of sounds! MIDI controllers allow you to have a more tactile hands-on approach. They also allow you to express yourself and put on a real DJ performance. They’re light and portable so you can take them with you from set to set and bring your best DJ performance!

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