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Techno Music Vinyl Records and LPs

Shop our Collection of Techno Music Vinyl Records and LPs

Techno music began in the 1980s and became increasingly popular in the 1990s. As an American born genre, its roots can be found in the disco party scene of the 80s. Today, we continue to appreciate the classic techno music hits, because disco dance music never goes out of style!

For lovers of the rhythm and sound of techno music, Play de Record carries your favorite techno sounds on vinyl. Because there’s nothing quite like the crispness of listening to your favorite beats on vinyl. Some of our favorite disco techno music is even available in remastered versions, meaning you’ll hear amazing quality and sound from some of the best techno music artists.

From the classics to modern sounds, our collection has it all. Whether you’re a fan of Mariah Carey or Bruno Mars. At Play de Record, we’re proud to have sourced a unique collection of limited-edition and hard to find records like the Michael Jackson and Jackson 5 - Motown Anniversary LP!

Shop the best selection of techno music vinyl records and LPs right here at Play de Record!


Does techno music sound good on vinyl?

Yes! Admittedly, any genre of music will sound better on vinyl. The best part about vinyl is that the music sounds exactly like it was intended to sound when it was recorded. Why, you might ask? When a vinyl record is pressed there is no loss of music data! So, your techno music vinyl record will sound exactly how they were intended to!

What is modern day techno music?

While you might think of the classics like ABBA and Madonna, techno music involves a much wider spread. Today, techno music is called electronic dance music (EDM) and is often mixed and used as part of a DJ set.

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