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Funk / Soul / Rare Groove Vinyl Records and LPs

Discover Funk, Soul, and Rare Vinyl Records and LPs

Vinyl records, first developed in 1948, created a community where people from all backgrounds and walks of life could come together and enjoy the same sounds. Today, the renaissance of vinyl records means the revival of some of the best funk records and sounds from the 60s and 70s. Perhaps the most transformative time in music history, the 60s and 70s shaped what later became funk jazz, R and B, and hip hop.

At Play de Record, our soul rare sounds and groove records perfectly encapsulate the spirit of the time. Influenced by gospel music and black history, artists such as Etta James and Aretha Franklin can be felt through the realistic sound of vinyl records, a truly transcendental experience.

As soul funk sounds became popularized, we saw the birth of R and B and Hip hop music, and a new era of music was born. With that, we saw the rise of icons such as Amy Winehouse, Mariah Carey, and Aaliyah. Our collection at Play de Record includes all kinds of sounds. From rhythmic lyrical blues to funky groove records and modern-day hits, whether you’re a collector seeking to add a rare record to your collection or a modern-day enthusiast, our collection has it all.

Shop the best funk records and groove records here at Play de Record.


What are the best funk records that every collector should have in their repertoire?

  • - Anything from James Brown. Our collection includes records of some of his best singles!
  • - Funkadelic, it’s the perfect fusion of psychedelia, soul, and funk.
  • - Stevie Wonder. Our collection includes The Jazz Soul of Life, as well as LPs of his greatest singles.
  • - Kool and the Gang. Their live performance at PJ’s allows you to feel the energy of the audience and the soul of the time.

Of course, this is just to name a few. Our collection is always changing to ensure we’re offering the best funk records we can find!
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