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DJ Equipment

Shop our wide collection of essential DJ equipment.

Play de Record is the go-to destination for DJs of all levels looking to buy quality DJ equipment. Whether you are a beginner looking for your first set or a professional looking for new equipment, we have something for everyone. We offer a vast selection of DJ equipment for sale, including turntables, mixers, controllers, speakers, and more to take your skills to the next level. Shop Play de Record today for the best in DJ equipment. ...


Where can I buy DJ equipment?

You can buy all your DJing essentials right here at Play de Record.

How do I set up my DJ equipment?

Setting up DJ equipment depends on the type of equipment you have, but generally, you will need to connect the equipment to a power source and then connect the components to each other. Be sure to check the instructions on your product.

How does DJ equipment work?

DJ equipment is used to manipulate audio, typically by playing, mixing, and blending music. A DJ controller is a device with knobs, faders, and buttons that allow the user to control the playback of music and audio, as well as add sound effects and other audio treatments.

What type of DJ equipment do you sell?

We sell professional-level DJ equipment including turntables, speakers, power adapters, amps, subwoofers, headphones, and more.

What equipment does a beginner DJ need?

A beginner DJ needs a DJ controller or mixer, laptop or computer, DJ software, headphones, speakers, audio interface, cables and connectors, and optional lighting equipment.

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