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DJ Controllers

Mix, Bop, and Scratch with our Selection of DJ Controllers

Take control of your rhythm and sound with a top-of-the-line DJ controller. Produce beats, streamline your process, and hear your sound exactly how you imagined it. At Play De Record, our selection includes high-end DJ controllers for producing, scratching, and mixing sounds.

Unleash your Creativity with the Utmost Degree of Control

When it comes to controlling both rhythm and sound, the more control you have, the better the beats. With DJ controllers from Native and Roland, you’ll have the power to optimize your sound at your fingertips. Our selection of DJ controllers includes a range of sounds including bass drum, snare drum, closed hat, open hat, tom, rim, clap, and ride. Not only that, but they come decked out with pads for looping, sequencing, fading, and more!

With so much control, you’ll have free rein over your sounds. Perform and feel the freedom of creativity. Mix your sounds live and put on a performative show with our selection of high-quality DJ controllers from trusted brands. Shop DJ controllers today, here at Play De Record.


What are the benefits of having a DJ controller?

DJ controllers allow for increased control and ease when mixing your sounds. Technically with good DJ software, DJs can mix all their beats using just a laptop. However, a laptop won’t garner the same response and excitment from the audience. DJs performing with a DJ controller can show off their skills when scratching, flipping switches, twisting knobs, and fading sounds.

What is the difference between a DJ controller and a mixer?

A DJ controller acts as both a mixer and a turntable. It works by connecting to DJ software to mix music without requiring the use of any additional hardware. A mixer is simply a mixer, it requires turntables and plugins to be able to mix the music.

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