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  • If you have never owned a record player it can be sometimes hard to tell one from another. Brands offer a wide price range and different feature sets but how can you tell which one is best for your needs? Here is a list of what we feel are the most important distinguishing parts to help you make your decision.

    1. Belt drive VS Direct drive:
      Belt drive turntables use an elastic belt to to spin the record much like a fan belt in a car. It is reliable, easy to fix and cost effective but due to the physical parts touching it does experience ware and tear which means these units have a short lifespan or require regular maintenance. They are not recommended for DJs who scratch but they work very well for home use and easy listing. Belt drive turntables tend to be more affordable.

      Direct drive turntables use a magnetic engine to spin the record. This means that there are no physical parts touching but it also means the the engine is harder to fix and costs more to be built. There is little to no ware and tare and it maintains its torque through out its life. DJs prefer this for scratching and casual listeners may chose this type of engine due to its low maintenance. Direct drive turntables do tend to be a little more expensive

    2. Replaceable head-shells:
      The biggest factor when it comes to the sound quality is the Needle and cartridge. A Head shell is used to mount the needle and cartridge to a plug which this then plugged into the record players tone arm socket.  Some manufacturers chose to make turntables with pre mounted head-shells and cartridges. This is done to simplify the needle replacement process, it is cheaper but it does limit the choice of needles that are available to the listener. DJs and audiophiles prefer the detachable head-shell because it is more customization. Casual listeners may not need this functionality so they chose to save money by going with the pre mounted option.

    3. Physical weight:
      Often over looked the weight of a turntable can sometimes be used as a key indicator of build quality. This is because the heavier the turntable the more likely it is to resist external vibrations. Vibrations might come in the form of a bump on the table, someone stomping across the floor or the vibrations from the bass of club speakers. Heavier turntables tend to cost more then lighter ones but they are also herder to transport but his is a necessary evil if you are a DJ.

    If you want more information on what specific turntable model is best for your needs give us a call and we will be happy to help you out.

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  • Price is an undeniable determining factor but when shopping for the best deals but there are a few other things to consider.

    1. Support: At Play De Record we offer free quick help over the phone as well as paid lessons. This means that you can always give us a call and ask for general advice on setups, usage, warranty claims, and repairs at no extra charge. Not many retailers offer this level of support.

    2. When ordering from the US many people forget that the stated price does not include, the exchange rate, international shipping, and import tax.  Try to factor these in when making price comparisons other wise you could end up paying more.  

    3. In the event, you get a unit that is faulty and it was purchased from the US you can not send it to a Canadian service center. This means that you have to pay for the shipping back to the US as well as deal with your American representatives. In some cases, if a unit gets sent back and forth a few times this can get very expensive.  At Play De Record when we see that a customer is dealing with a problem unit we help test it and in some cases request that the distributor switche out the unit under warranty.

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  • 14 Day Price Match Guarantee

    14 Day Price Match Guarantee

    Buy with Confidence. We'll match the price if you buy a qualifying item at Play De Record then find the identical item for less at, select Canadian online competitors, or in Play De Records's or competitor's local print ad. Price matches may be requested at time of purchase or Price adjustments within 14 days after purchase.*


    * Please note Price matching is subject to our discretion and may not apply to the following.

    • Non Canadian competitors or Items In violation of Canadian MAP (Minimum Advertised Price).
    • Out of stock or Discontinued Items.
    • Liquidation / blowout sales or Items on sale below cost.
    • Events marked "In-store Only"




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