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Jazz Vinyl Records and LPs

Explore our Selection of Jazz Music Vinyl Records and LPs

Jazz music is one of the most enduring and classic genres of music. Born in the early twentieth century, jazz music has become synonymous with its birthplace, New Orleans, Louisiana, and the Black Amerians that first created the sounds.

Jazz music is most recognizable for its complex harmony and syncopated rhythm, making sounds unexpected in the best way possible. Improvisation is also strongly emphasized in jazz music, with band members chiming in and out, making listeners feel like they’re taking part in the music's creation. This exciting improvisation means that no two performances are ever exactly the same, and perhaps the reason that jazz music shows have endured the test of time.

With the unexpected rhythms of jazz music, it is often confused with blues. However, there remains one distinct difference between jazz and blues. Jazz music is more upbeat and lively! While blues has a familiar melancholic sound, jazz is unpredictable and is often associated with dancing. Jazz clubs of the past often involved swinging and swaying movements with lively atmospheres. And, while jazz clubs are less common today, the right jazz vinyl record has the ability to transport you to its time of conception.

At Play De Record, our selection of jazz vinyl records and LPs includes reissues and remasters of some of the most famous albums. Discover our selection today!


What is the difference between a repress, reissue, and a remastered vinyl record?

A repressed vinyl record has been repressed from the original master audio source. With represses, nothing about the recording has been altered.

A reissued vinyl record will often show audio variances from the original record. This term is used much more loosely, as the reissue does not need to be pressed from the original master. Reissues are common with older vinyl records and they often come with bonus materials or tracks.

A remastered vinyl record is one that has been altered to improve the audio playback quality. A remaster will likely sound different than the original. High-quality remasters have the ability to sound better than the original, due to improvements in sound technology over the years.

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