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House Music Vinyl Records and LPs

Explore House Music Vinyl Records and LPs Today at Play de Record!

At Play de Record, we’ve been in the Toronto music scene for over 25 years. From classic vinyl records to a one-stop shop for DJs, it’s only natural we carry a selection of house music vinyl records. For mixing or enjoying as is, house music vinyl is what every DJ needs.

House music, created by DJs, for DJs. Its easily recognizable four-on-four tempo and unmatched rhythm make it the perfect electronic club music. At Play de Record, house music makes up one of our largest selections of vinyl records. In the 90s, we became a hub in the Toronto radio DJ music scene. Since then, we’ve maintained our DJ music roots by carrying a diverse lineup of house music and DJ equipment, making us entirely different from any other vinyl record shop.

Whether you’re looking for a hard-to-find classic house music vinyl record or an in-demand new release, our selection has it all.


Is house music easy to mix?

Yes! House music is made by DJs and designed to be mixed, though you can certainly enjoy it as is. We wouldn’t say any music is easy to mix, however, in general, house music is significantly easier than other genres.

Are house and electronic dance music (EDM) the same genre?

Yes and no. House music is a type of EDM music! EDM is a more broadly used term to describe techno, house, deep house, hardstyle, dance, dubstep, and even trance. Each has similar origins to the underground club scene and DJ music, however, each has a distinctive sound that is easily recognizable. Specifically, house music can be recognized by its slowed beats, making it the ultimate feel-good music.

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