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Disco Music Vinyl Records and LPs

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Emerging from the 1970s nightlife in the USA, disco gained popularity for its upbeat tempos and fun sound. Played at all the hip nightclubs and “discotheques”, the catchy lyrics and dance-worthy rhythms made it rise in popularity and hit the mainstream with a bang. The identity of disco music is something that can be felt and heard. With DJs taking center stage at discotheques, disco music combined the mixing and scratching of DJs with the catchy lyrics and addicting sound of dance music.

Today, disco’s influence remains as prominent as ever. The lasting impact of disco music continues to be heard today with the easily recognizable four-on-four beats, syncopation, variety of instruments, and repetitive vocals. From the early disco sounds of Donna Summer, Michael Jackson, and Robert Holmes to the modern-day dance sounds of COEO and Daft Punk, disco music shows no signs of slowing.

At Play De Record, our selection of Disco vinyl records includes both the classics, as well as modern-day hits. With our history as a hub for DJs, turntablists, and producers, we’ve become well-versed in the genre of disco and dance music. Today, we continue to cater to the same community that helped build Play De Record over 25 years ago. Shop our selection today for the best selection of disco records and LPs.

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