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AUDIONAMIX - ADX Trax Pro Non-Destructive Spectral Separation (Download)

ADX TRAX Pro is our most revolutionary software release to date. TRAX Pro bridges the gap between basic separations and professional-grade isolations with its robust collection of ADX algorithms and spectral editing tools. New features give audio engineers, DJs, producers and creative artists the ability to visualize and edit frequency specific content across the full audio spectrum. ADX TRAX Pro goes beyond the automatic separation by giving users the ability to directly edit their results by time and frequency, adjust gain, attenuate or remove sounds, extract, raise or lower the level of a vocal or solo instrument in a mono or stereo mix and correct audio anomalies using effective restoration tools – all without requiring access to the multi-track sessions. Non-Destructive Source Separation Integrated Post-Separation Enhancement Multiple Bit Depth and Sample Rate Compatibility The Ultimate Remastering & Voice-Over Tool