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  • 311 - STEREOLITHIC ( 2 LP )


Stereolithic (stylized as STER3OL1TH1C) is the eleventh studio album by the American rock band 311, released on March 11, 2014. It is the band's first fully independent studio album release since 1991's Unity, this time being on their own label of 311 Records. Stereolithic is also 311's first album since 1999's Soundsystem to be produced by Scott Ralston, making this their first album since 2005's Don't Tread on Me not to be produced by Bob Rock. The album is one of 311's darkest albums, as the production quality and music shift to 311's roots, and bring about mature themes and concepts, as well as a mix of profanity, throughout the course of it's almost-1-hour detour. The album received near-generally favorable reviews.