Play De Record

Corporate Team Building

What are the benefits of having a DJ team building event?

Productivity is a key backbone for any company. Goals, metrics or monthly work reports ensure employees stay focused on company objectives, but employees also require a healthy work environment in which to operate productively. Our team building events are very effective in achieving this goal.

Tell me more about the DJ event.

Our amazingly fun DJ event will teach your employees how to DJ (no prior experience is required) then after practicals, participants will face each other head to head in an action-packed DJ competition. Tried and proven this is an amazing team building exercise that your staff will love. 

Why choose Play De Record for your next Team Building event?

Music and teamwork bring people together, by having a DJ event we merge the best of both worlds. Our event is designed to be fun, engaging and entertaining. Your team is guaranteed to have a blast!

Benefits include:

  • Opens communications between coworkers.
  • Promotes teamwork
  • Motivates and boost morale
  • Instills a sense of corporate appreciation
  • Promotes creativity and develops problem-solving skills
  • Demonstrates they can learn anything they put their mind too

Employees consider themselves lucky to be part of a company that values team building.

Our Corporate Clients Include:

Sapient Nitro

 Thank you again! My team LLLLLLOOOVVVEDDD what you guys did!
-Teresa Martinez



Our team building events increase the success of your business.