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One thing we can all agree on is that music is a life long pursuit. Thanks to the Internet things that may have taken years to master are now at our finger tips. Online tutorials are everywhere and readily available, but unfortunately up until now there has never been a viable substitute for experience.

Enter Play De Record Mentorship Classes and join our in-store or online classes. Set a schedule based on your convenience and leverage the experience from seasoned professionals who will guide you step by step on the music making process.

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Available Classes

DJ Course – Club DJing with CDJ
DJ Course – Turntablism & Mixing with Serato and Turntables
DJ Course – Digital Djing with Traktor or Serato

Production Course – Ableton production
Production Course – Protools production
Production Course – Mixing and Mastering
Production Course – Sound Design
Production Course – Maschine (Native Instruments) drum programming

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Course curriculum

Because we take a mentorship approach to teaching we do not follow the traditional approach to learning. Think of our qualified industry professional teachers as trainers just as you would have in a gym. We recommend you take at least  1 class every 2 weeks as this will give you enough time to practice before the next session. Each session will be tailored towards your strengths and weaknesses leaving you with a strong well rounded skill set. Our sessions are not one on one unless one on one sessions are required to get you to a certain skill level after which you will be paired with other students on the same level. This will allow you not only the benefits of personal training but also a chance to interact, feed off and be inspired by our growing DJ community.

For more information call +1 416 586 0380 (Mon-Sat 12:00pm-8:00pm Sun 12:00pm to 6:pm)

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Why Choose Us

Get results fast: As you are paired with individuals of the same skill level the instructor will be working on your material, breaking down concepts that you can apply as soon as the session is over- How? because they worked on your personal song.

We are flexible: Some classes do not have a set curriculum, so If you feel you have mastered one aspect of music you can request to be scheduled to another session with another instructor that focuses on a new aspect of interest.

Learn at your own pace: We all learn differently but what we really need is experience and practice. Our classes allow you regular gaps between sessions so that you can apply what you have learned to your music. These sessions will also allow you to prepare whatever questions you may have for the next class based on what you experienced.

We offer more focused and individual attention: You may be wondering, if its online why don’t I just use Youtube or any of the other video tutorial services out there? We are not against any of the online resources that you may find- in fact we encourage you to use them as a part of your learning experience. What makes our Mentorship Classes so valuable is that a video is static, much like a vhs that is put on repeat and only focuses on ideal situations. You can not ask it real time questions and most of the time you will find that what is being shown is not geared to you, so you have to extract the information and then try to hack it to fit your needs. This is not the case with our online classes, where you control the content.

Online courses help you meet interesting people: Another benefit is the support of your peers; in a class you can meet other people who you can network with. It is not uncommon that you may be in a session with your favorite DJ or producer.

Get real world skills: In every discipline there is a standard way to do things; this is commonly known as “the rule of thumb”. Many confuse this with being the only way to do things, this is not true. When you are dealing with art you need to master the rules so that you can break them. How can you tell creativity from a fluke? If you know what the standard is you can gauge it in your work and in the work of others if what was done was intentional or a mistake. A Mentor will show you the how’s and why’s so that you can use your discretion as to when.

Music is a life-long pursuit: Just like a personal trainer will encourage an athlete to push harder for longer, your mentor will help you achieve your goals. He will support and guide you through obstacles and give you a reason to stay focused. Most of what we learn in a course is forgotten within a week or two of the end of classes, but a mentor will make sure that your are continually flexing your musical muscles until it becomes a habit.

Classes are priced for your longevity: We here at Play De Record have fought long and hard to create a program for our customers that is affordable and sustainable. Access to our professional mentors with teaching experience is now at your fingertips.

There are many more advantages to joining our Online Mentorship Network, but I think you get the idea. We look forward to working with you and I hope some time in the future we will be able to recognize you from the sessions.

Class Type



Class Room $50 / $80 1 hour session (Toronto only)

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