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Some Noise (1994) A Toronto Hip Hop Documentary

"Where do you go to get records? emmm usually Play De, Play De Record they got the best selection.... "

Play De Record where Deadmau5 released his first record!


Deadmau5 stopped by Play De Record Academy to give us his opinion on a range of topics.



Disclosure names Play De Record their favorite record shop!


Q: Favorite Record Shop?
GL: Play De Record, in Toronto. They’ve got a really good shop and they sell loads of gear—they’ve got a little workshop in the back where they teach kids Ableton, which is wicked. I walked in and started looking around, and as soon as I went up to the counter and said “hello” with my English accent, they were like, “Disclosure!” [laughs]


Check out the full interview here interview with Pitchfork.


Drake bought his first turntables here!

Drake mentions Play De Record at 20:30!