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  • Innofader mini pnp

Innofader mini pnp

The mini Innofader is a very compact, low cost version of the Innofader. It comes standard with either a light tension for scratching or slightly higher tension for mixing. Other options include different stem types and height and grounded vs. ungrounded stem. Both grounded and ungrounded stems work but the grounded stems will also allow the fader to work properly even without a knob. Like it's larger Innofader cousin, the mini Innofader is also designed to last more than 4 million cycles and is buttery smooth. It uses the same reliable and long lasting capacitance technology but in a more compact form. The mini Innofader has also kept the on-board calibration button so no matter how long you use and abuse the mini Innofader, it will always be possible to recalibrate it later.