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An Exercise In Sorting Music into Different Categories by Max Moore

Look at your music collection. Is it organized? Or is your music collection all over the place? Do you have to depend on computer programs, like Itunes, to find your music for you? The question is - Can you find your favourite songs easily, or does it take time?

If you can find your music when you want, maybe your music collection is organized. But you might find, as your music collection grows beyond a few hundred songs, you'll have to put a little effort into organizing your music collection. If you have a thousand+ songs, you might want to think about organizing your music into the following groups -

Pop Music Superstars Party Music

(ie. Organized by year or decade, The best of the 80's, 90's etc) (Music of the 100-200 most popular singing stars and bands) (A Collection of one hit wonders)

Country, Folk
Rock and Roll
Soul and Blues
Swing and Jazz
Urban, Rap, Hip Hop
World Music (groups music by country of origin) Dance Music

Try this exercise. If you use Itunes or another music library system, create a Playlist,
or a folder for each of the musical categories listed above. Add songs from your master songlist into each Playlist. Put rock and roll songs in the Rock and Roll Playlist, etc.

If you have a thousand songs in your music collection, you might find that each Playlist will contain a couple hundred songs. Each playlist represents a different way of listening to your music. In this way, you can program your music collection with different styles of music. Pop Music, Superstars and Musical Masterpieces are heard in all styles of music.

Pop Music can be organized in different ways, ie. by year. The Best of the 80s, 90s, etc. Superstars can be organized as Country Superstars, Rock Superstars, Soul Superstars, etc. Party Music will be all over the map. When all your party music is in one playlist, that's the playlist for a very good party. In my experience, I find it's useful to have

two party playlists, A Party Music Playlist and a Dance Music Playist are two different playlists, like an early party playlist, and a late party playlist.

Organizing music can be fun, and educational. You can learn about yourself, by organizing your music collection. But first, you need to have a music collection. How large is your music collection? How large is your music collection budget? Professional music collectors plan to buy a few hundred songs a year. With time to plan and organize your music, a music collection can be a personally fulfilling and rewarding exercise, and more fun than a video game.

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