Black KROM on Gray Record / Utility Case for 120 7″ Vinyl Records

Article number: K45120BLG
Availability: In stock
Dimensions: 17.25" W x 9.25" D x 9.75" H
Interior Dimensions: 16" W x 7.75" D x 8" H
Weight: 7.00 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 18.00" W x 10.25" D x 10.75" H
Shipping Weight: 8.00 lbs

Odyssey's Black Krom™ cases are made to the same standards as our original Krom™ series, but with a twist. The hardware including the aluminum trim are coated a sleek "Black". The steel corners are uniquely hexagon-shaped and each also features rubber feet for stacking multiple record cases, a must for large 7" record collections of vinyl purists and DJs who are true to the art of turntablism. The K45120BLG has a fully foam-lined interior, heavy-duty recessed handle, and front latches with padlock loops. Black Krom™ cases, slick, stealthy, and beyond cool!

Features and Specifications

- Gray With All Black Hardware Exterior
- Hexagon Steel Ball Corners
- Fully Foam-lined Interior
- Rubber Feet for Stacking
- Removable Lid with Removable Interior Lid Foam
- Heavy-Duty Recessed and Spring-Loaded Carry Handle
- Recessed Front Latches with Padlock Loops
- Interior Dividers for Adjusting Up To 3 Compartments
- Fits Approximately 120 7" Vinyl Records
- Interior is 16" x 8" x 7.75" Without Dividers and Lid Foam

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