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The popularity of digital music production is growing with unstoppable momentum. It’s really been pretty incredible to watch this trend emerge over the past few years... and continue to change the way we create music.

With all of the amazing possibilities being offered by the innovative features of modern DJ software, the only question left is:

What kind of DJ software program is right for you?

That question is key, since there’s a lot of debate within the DJ community about which software is “best”. But the truth is that there is no single “best” DJ software package. There is only the DJ software package that is best for YOU and YOUR music production tastes.

Here are a few things that you might want to keep in mind when making your selection.

Intended use

If you’re mainly going to be providing DJ services for events or acting as an emcee, you might want to consider a simpler or low-cost DJ software program package.

However, if you plan on composing complex tracks and pushing the limits of your musical talents, you may want to consider a more full-featured mixing application. These types of applications are also ideal for turntablists who want to scratch and beat-juggle.

Degree of control or automation

If your main goal is to simplify your DJing work, you can look for applications that will automate aspects of your mixing such as beat-matching, etc...

If you’re looking for a high-degree of control over your music, you’ll want to select an application with lots of programmable functions, and the ability to interact with many different input devices.

Are you a turntablist?

There are many DJs who love to work on turntables, but find that vinyl records are expensive, cumbersome or hard-to-find. If this is the case, you may want to look into a digital mixing application that can manipulated digital music using a turntable with a “control vinyl” interface as an input device. This gives you the feel of working with vinyl, without any of the drawbacks.

Customer Reviews

Before purchasing any DJ software or DJ program, you’ll want to check user reviews to see how stable and reliable they are.... and how other customers have enjoyed their purchase.

Other required accessories

You’ll also want to purchase a sound card that is designed to work well with your mixing software. Some software applications require you to work exclusively with certain types of sound cards. It’s important to take this into account when calculating the cost of your software.

Input devices

If you plan on using samplers, MIDI controllers, keyboards or other input devices, you’ll want to make sure that the software you pick can support those types